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Committed to protecting and advancing all clients' rights, claims and lawful objectives in a loyal, aggressive and efficient fashion.

Immediate and personal attention is given to every client.
Dealing with the legal system is already very stressful- so when you throw family disputes into the mix, emotions tend to run a little high.

Choosing the proper attorney to represent you is a crucial choice when dealing with your family law case. By working with Gilbert De La Garza, you will have a true advocate on your side at all times.
Mr. De La Garza has successfully represented clients and practiced family law, personal injury and criminal defense in Texas courts for over 20 years. He has the experiences, understanding and qualities that an attorney should possess to assist clients in understanding the legal system and minimize any apprehensions about the coming months in the legal process. His objective is to provide experienced, affordable, and aggressive representation to secure the best possible outcome for every client in the most efficient way available, and always with the client's best interests at heart. Mr. De La Garza's relationship with the client and personal attention to each one is what distinguishes him from many other attorneys who may never even speak with the client outside of the courtroom. He will listen to you, understand your legal issues, explain all options, alternatives and potential outcomes, and always be available to answer questions and speak about any concerns that you may have as the case progresses.

In addition to family law, Mr. De La Garza also practices criminal defense, personal injury, probate, contract law and much more.

Contact our office 24 hours a day 7 days a week  by phone or email at to speak with or to set up an office conference with Mr. De La Garza. In most cases, your call or email will allow you to speak directly with him to discuss your matter either immediately or within just a few hours.

Your 1st Consultation is FREE! Contact him now for your initial no obligation visit with Mr. De La Garza and learn all about your legal options and alternatives and what he can do to help you through the legal process.

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Mr. De La Garza handles a variety of family law and criminal defense cases in the North Dallas, Texas area and Dallas, Tarrant, and all surrounding counties. His focus in Family Law includes divorces, child support cases, conservatorship, enforcement and more. His focus in Criminal Defense law focuses on DWI, assault, theft, and all other misdemeanor and Felony cases.

 Our offices works with all clients to make sure they know how all initial costs are calculated based on their individual legal issues and procedures involved in beginning their cases and carrying the cases through until the end. All fees are determined by type and complexity of the case, but many other factors are involved, such as how complicated the other party may make the issues involved, and what the courts require in the way of mediation and other necessary expenses on family law matters. We always endeavor to be as cost effective as possible by negotiating with the other party and attempting to settle your legal matter out of court, provided the settlement is fair and equitable for you, but many times the case must go in front of the court, and this may cause in increase in legal fees.  
20 years of legal experience working for you and your family!